JIRA Software + HipChat = real-time communication for agile teams

Until telepathy is mastered, software teams can enjoy the next best thing: the JIRA Software + HipChat integration. Teams can instantly generate project-specific chat rooms and choose which JIRA Software notifications to broadcast to each room. Teams will get the information they want, where they want it, in real-time. This eliminates bothersome shoulder tapping, and messages getting lost in the shuffle. Heck, you won’t even need to read minds with this.

Let’s dive in and learn more about how teams can resolve issues faster than ever with real-time communication and collaboration.

Get the right information, at the right time

We’ve all been there: waiting on that key piece of information to move your project forward. Whether you’re clicking refresh on your inbox every 10 seconds or waiting for your coworker to hop online, your patience is being tested and your progress is blocked. You've already pinged your coworker once — do you bug them again?

Remove these costly barriers and connect JIRA Software directly to HipChat. Project admins can choose which notifications in JIRA Software should be published to a given HipChat room. Instead of relying on email notifications for event updates, real-time notifications in JIRA Software broadcast specific actions to team and/or project rooms of your choice so that everyone is always on the same page. Does your team want to be notified when an issue transitions to code review so it can be reviewed ASAP? What about when an issue priority changes to blocker? Time-sensitive notifications can be sent right to your team’s HipChat room so that information is always at your team’s fingertips.

Separate signal from noise

But be careful. With all the information you could possibly want now at your fingertips, there comes a new risk: information overload. Once JIRA Software and HipChat are linked, use the advanced filtering options and be sure to choose wisely which information you and your team should receive. Just because you’re working on a particular project doesn’t mean you need to know every little detail. What you want are the details most relevant to you and your team. Only need to know about high priority issues? Go into JIRA Software and specify "high priority issues," and you'll only get notified about those. It’s as simple as that.

This ability to choose the information most important to your development process is super useful. It removes unnecessary noise caused by overactive notifications, and guarantees that you get the right information at the right time.

Stay in the loop from anywhere

Remember when you were anxiously waiting for your teammate to come online to answer an important question? Notifications can eliminate unnecessary waiting, but they can’t replace real-time communication with remote workers. With HipChat, it’s easy to stay connected no matter where you are. Remote workers can engage with their team and stay up-to-date on team progress regardless of geographic location because everyone can access HipChat from anywhere: web, desktop, mobile clients, and more.

This means that no team member becomes a bottleneck, and the team can make decisions based on direct team information, as well as the most up-to-date information from JIRA Software. This comprehensive and real-time communication is what truly powers agile development.

Make discussions seamless

The HipChat panel right inside JIRA Software gives you and your team an even more seamless real-time work experience. And if the work on any particular JIRA Software ticket requires discussion in HipChat, creating a dedicated HipChat room for that issue is only one click away, right from the HipChat panel.

Alternatively, if you’re in HipChat and need more information about a specific JIRA Software issue, just mention the issue key, or cut and paste the URL of the issue into the HipChat room. You'll then be able to see all of the issue's relevant information. 

As your team works and JIRA Software issues are being discussed in HipChat rooms, all of that activity is tracked and is visible from within JIRA Software. Want to see all of the conversation happening around a particular issue? Simply enter any room where the issue is mentioned by clicking the link provided on the HipChat panel. The integration will even drop you into any conversation exactly where the issue was last mentioned.

The HipChat panel mitigates confusion by creating a room specific to that issue while simultaneously keeping track of where else the issue is or was mentioned in HipChat. This paper trail ensures no communication is missed. No more digging into the recesses of your brain trying to remember where you wrote your last comment, or where you saw that imperative piece of information.

Agile teams can rejoice in the fact that this integration will help you reach done in real-time and in record time.

Ready to get started?

JIRA administrators can find the HipChat integration in their admin settings under System. One click and you’re done!

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Written by Laura Daly, Product Marketing Manager, JIRA Software

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