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Advanced Roadmaps uses two different sets of permissions when allowing access to plans. The first is Global permissions which are defined by and inherited from Jira Software. By default, those with Jira Software administrator and system administrator access will have administrator access in Advanced Roadmaps.

You can also grant access to individual users on a per-plan basis within Advanced Roadmaps. These permissions only apply to the individual plan.

Grant access to your plan

To manage your plan permissions within Advanced Roadmaps:

  1. In the Roadmap tab, select Settings  > Configure.
  2. On the left sidebar, navigate to Permissions. You can grant view and edit permissions to individual users or groups, or make it visible to all Advanced Roadmaps users.

Private plans are visible to users with any of these permissions:

  • Advanced Roadmaps administrator
  • Jira Software administrator
  • System administrator

Permission types in Advanced Roadmaps

There are five different levels of access for Advanced Roadmaps users:

Advanced Roadmaps administrator

Users with this permission can perform all administrative functions in Advanced Roadmaps, including accessing any private plans. By default, Jira Software administrators are automatically made administrators in Advanced Roadmaps.

Advanced Roadmaps user

Users with this permission can create plans and view plans they have access to. For plans they can access, they can also edit their issue sources, edit any issues in the plans, and save these edited issue details in Jira Software.

Advanced Roadmaps viewer

Users with this permission can browse and view plans in read-only mode. In Jira Software, they can also update parent links, teams, and target dates of issues.

Advanced Roadmaps Labs access

Users with this permission can access and use the features of Advanced Roadmaps that are in Labs mode. When features in Labs mode are enabled, users have early access to the new features that are still being worked on.

Advanced Roadmaps shared team management

Users with this permission can access global team management and edit teams that are shared across plans.

Change global permissions

Global permission settings allow administrators to define how organization-wide access levels apply to Advanced Roadmaps. For example, a global permission might allow those with Jira administrator access to be automatically granted Advanced Roadmaps administrator access, too.

To configure global permissions for Advanced Roadmaps:

  1. Navigate to the Jira Software admin panel using the  icon in the upper right and select Manage apps.
  2. Find Permissions underneath the header Access control.
  3. Change the user permissions as you want.
  4. Select Save changes.
You must have the Jira Software administrator permission to change global settings.
Last modified on Apr 16, 2024

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