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  1. Plan for the team
  2. Customize the team board
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  5. Optimize future plans

The board is where all the action happens so you want to make sure that it's set up the way your team needs. You can change a heap of settings in the board configuration screens. Here's just a few.

(warning) You need to have special Board Admin rights to change board configurations. If you created the board, you already have them.

Board configuration menu.

Board customization

Control everything from the board configuration page. In your board, go to Board > Configure.

  • Columns
    Add statuses and change the workflow to suit your team structure. For instance if you want to show testing progress separate to dev progress, add a column. You can also switch on an indicator to help identify slow moving issues. 

  • Card layout
    Show up to three extra fields on the card layout. Say, if you want to show labels or components.

  • Card colors
    If your team is 'visual' you can color code cards according to issue type, assignee, priorities, or queries

See Configuring a board to learn about the other things you might need.

Quick filters

Set up quick filters so you can just click once to show specific issues. You can set up a filter for issue types, assignees, unassigned, etc. Pretty much anything you need. 

Go to Board > Configure > Quick Filters.

Filters work based on JQL (Jira Query language) which are really simple search statements. The result is something like:

(tick) TIP: as you start typing in the JQL field, the syntax helper pops up to assist

Sample quick filter.

"We just couldn't work as a global team without quick filters. The guys in San Fran and Gdansk need to be able to see exactly the same set of issues as us when we're discussing work online."

~ Atlassian Dev Manager

TIP: Create filters from saved searches

If you have a giant backlog, you probably use the issue search pretty regularly to find the issues you want. And if you're repeating searches using similar criteria, then other people probably are too.

Next time you are searching for a set of issues you know you will need again, save your search as a filter. Once you save a filter, you can share it, favorite it, get emails of search results, use it with a dashboard, and heaps more.

  1. Go to Issues > Search for issues.
  2. Enter your search filters and click Save As.
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  1. Create a new quick filter and use it on your board.
  2. Search for an issue and then save the search as a favorite.
Last modified on Oct 6, 2021

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