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Advanced Roadmaps is now part of Jira Software Data Center. To get access to the features described on this page, upgrade to Jira Software Data Center 8.15 or later. Can't upgrade yet? Depending on your current Data Center version, you can access these features by installing the latest version of the app (at no cost). See our FAQ for all the details

Advanced Roadmaps is a powerful planning tool that helps you visualize the work needed to meet your goals. However, before you can wow the world with your inspired plans, you need to set up your Advanced Roadmaps instance. In this section, we’ll cover the basics of how to set up your planning environment, and what settings you can change to better suit how your organization gets work done.

Set up Jira Software

You can use Advanced Roadmaps with minimal setup. However, some tasks, such as using custom fields, surfacing the Teams field in your Jira issues, and tracking issues by releases, need to be configured by an administrator.

Detailed instructions can be found on the Configure your Jira Software instance page.

Configure your plan

Advanced Roadmaps has a range of options and settings so you can create a plan that matches the ways your teams work. You can change how issues are estimated, which dates Advanced Roadmaps uses as default when scheduling, configure dependencies and hierarchies, and more. With the exception of estimation units and date settings, these changes will be applied to all plans in your instance as well as those that are yet to be created.

Learn how to change these settings and more on the Configure your Advanced Roadmaps plan settings page.

Add custom fields

Advanced Roadmaps lets you import most custom fields you may be using in Jira Software to use in your plan. The following custom field types are supported:

  • checkbox
  • date picker
  • user picker (single user)
  • number
  • radio button
  • label
  • single-choice select
  • multiple-choice select
  • single-line text
  • URL (read-only)

To learn more about how to configure these, see our page on custom fields.

Configure permissions in Advanced Roadmaps

Lastly, administrators can configure global permissions and restrict access to plans based on users or groups. Advanced Roadmaps adheres to both sets of permissions, but plan permissions take precedence over global.

Learn how to configure Permissions in Advanced Roadmaps.

How Advanced Roadmaps differs in Data Center and Cloud

Advanced Roadmaps is included as part of Jira Data Center from version 8.15 onwards. This version sees some feature updates, but we recommend migrating to Jira Software Cloud to get the most up-to-date planning features. Learn more about the features available on Jira Software Cloud.

Last modified on Oct 31, 2023

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