Jira Advanced Roadmaps Plan crashes in blank page after adding Progress column

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only - This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.



After including the Progress column in a Roadmap Plan it starts rendering then crashed in a blank page.

The same can happen to a Plan that already had any Progress columns and whose issues have been edited recently.


All versions of Jira 8.x and Advanced Roadmaps 3.29.x


On the screen

Open the Developer Tools in the browser and reproduce the issue.

On the console tab, you should see errors like:

  • "Maximum call stack size exceeded"


  • "InternalError: too much recursion"

On the Database

First take note of all issue types in the hierarchy which are above "Epic":

Query 1
select * from "AO_D9132D_HIERARCHY_CONFIG" order by "ID" desc;
Example output 1
          |  9 | 10200          | Enterprise Program
          |  8 | 10100, 10101   | Initiative
          |  7 |                | Epic
          |  6 |                | Story
          |  5 |                | Sub-task

Then add all the ISSUE_TYPE_IDS to the query below:

Query 2
select p.pkey || ' - ' || i.issuenum as "Issue Key"
from jiraissue i
join project p on p.id = i.project
join issuelink l on l.destination = i.id and l.linktype = (select id from issuelinktype where linkname = 'Epic-Story Link')
where cast(i.issuetype as integer) in (10100, 10101, 10200) -- ← REPLACE HERE
and p.pkey in ('KEYS', 'OF', 'EVERY', 'PROJECT', 'IN', 'THE', 'PLAN', 'SOURCE'); -- OPTIONAL line to narrow the filter

If any issue comes up in this last query, you may apply the resolution presented below.


If both diagnosis above matched, the error's caused from a cyclic dependency in the Plan that's preventing Advanced Roadmaps to ever finish the calculation.

This is mapped in:

JPOSERVER-2937 - Getting issue details... STATUS


The workaround — until JPOSERVER-2937's fixed — is to eliminate the cyclic dependencies and reload the Plan.

  1. Execute the queries 1 and 2 from the Diagnosis section. You may want to filter the project keys (in use by the Plan) in the second query.
  2. For each issue that comes up in the second query, edit it and remove the Epic Link.
  3. Reload the Plan

You may want to discuss the use case at your company. Issues with higher hierarchy than Epic should not be a part of Epics themselves. Even if/when JPOSERVER-2937's fixed, this may still cause other problems in Jira, Advanced Roadmaps or third party apps.

Also on this thread, you may want to configure dedicated Screen Schemes for the issue types "above Epic" so the Create and Edit screens don't have the Epic Link  field to prevent further incorrect associations.

Last modified on Sep 14, 2021

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