Automatically create linked issues from new requests

Hi Service Deskers,

Some requests and issues go together like rainbows and unicorns, one necessarily follows the other. You can now create a new custom automation rule for Jira Service Desk that remembers which requests should have related issues, then automatically creates and links them for you.

The new Automation "THEN" action called "Create issue" lets you create a new linked issue in any project on the same site. Any service desk request can trigger a new issue in a Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, or Jira Core project.

Here's how a project administrator can set up this cool new rule:


Make sure that the administrator setting up the rule and the "run as" user have view and create permissions for all the projects involved in this new rule.

  1. Go to Project settings () > Automation.
  2. Go to Create Custom Rule.
  3. Configure when this rule will be triggered by choosing an option for the WHEN action. 
  4.  Choose the properties of the Jira Service Desk requests that will trigger linked issues using the IF action.
  5. Under the THEN action, select Create issue.
  6. Choose the properties of the new issues in the window that pops up.
    • Here you can see the projects that are available for new issue creation as well as many other fields you can customize.
  7. Give the rule a nifty name like "New unicorns create linked rainbows."
  8. Watch in delight as every new unicorn request from your service desk project creates linked issues to equip them with their own rainbow, saving you hours of repetitive work.

But it's not just for magical woodland creatures. Here are some other cool things you can do with this new Automation action:

  • When a request arrives has the request type 'bug', automatically create a linked Jira issue for your developers.
  • When you receive a new hire request, automatically create a Jira issue for a new email account, and service desk requests for a desk, a computer, and a company water bottle.

Once you're done creating lots of new linked issues, check out our latest bug fixes.


The Jira Service Desk team

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