Importing your data

Entering everything manually could be a life’s work in a large organization. So that’s why there are a few tools to help.

Insight Discovery

Insight Discovery is an agentless scanner that picks up network assets. You can choose which of assets, and which attributes, you pull into your Insight object schemas and you can create your own scanning patterns to find more specific details

See Importing with Insight Discovery


Integrations can be used to connect to other tools, such as cloud services, asset managers, and other CMDBs. These integrations can be downloaded for free from Atlassian Marketplace, and include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, ServiceNow, and some more.

See Importing with Integrations

Built-in importers

Import your data from CSV, database, Jira users, JSON, LDAP, or other object schema. Once you create your import configuration, you can keep it in sync so your assets stay up to date.

See Importing with built-in importers

Last modified on Oct 19, 2021

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