Example: creating a basic SLA

This example looks at how you might create a very basic SLA for a service project with a basic workflow:

  • All highest priority and blocker issues must be resolved within 24 hours. 
  • You provide 24/7 support for certain customers (these issues are labeled with "24h").
  • You provide 9-5 support for all other customers, but you don't track SLA metrics for them.

Workflow of a basic issue where SLA is not paused

Set the following conditions:

StartIssue Created
StopResolution: Set

Set goals in the following order:

priority = Blocker OR priority = Highest AND labels = 24h24hDefault 24/7 calendar
priority = Blocker OR priority = Highest24hSample 9-5 calendar
All remaining issuesNo targetSample 9-5 calendar

SLA configuration values set as described above

Last modified on Oct 13, 2023

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