Adding customers

As an agent, you can add customers to your service project. If your administrator grants you permission, you can also manage organizations in the project. 

  • Customers raise requests in your service desk.
  • Organizations are groups of customers that are shared across projects. 

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Add customers

Add customers to a project via Customers  > Add customers. Customers on this list can raise requests in the project, via the portal or email.

Customers are automatically added to the list if your service project is open to users with Jira accounts, or allows customers to create their own accounts. 

Add organizations

Add a new or existing organization to a project via Customers  > Add organizations. Organizations that you add display on the Customers list, and their members can raise requests in the project via the portal or email.

Add customers to an organization

  1. Go to the Customers .
  2. Select the organization in the list.
  3. Click Add customers. The customers you add can raise requests in all projects that use the organization.

Because the organization can be used in multiple projects, the customers are not added to the Customers role for the project.

Remove customers from an organization

  1. Select an organization in the Customers list.
  2. Find the customer you want to remove, and then click X next to their name. 

Customers you remove lose access to projects that use the organization, unless they have access through another organization, or have the Customers role for the projects.

Remove organizations from a project

  1. Select an organization in the Customers list.
  2. Select Remove from project.

When you remove an organization from a project, its members lose access to the project unless they have the Customers role for the project.

Last modified on Sep 17, 2020

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