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After you set up your email channel, you can change how emails are parsed, if customers are created directly from emails, or view logs and check the email connection for any email channel on the site.

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Manage the email channel for multiple service projects

You must be a Jira administrator to manage the email channel.

To manage the email channel:

  1. Select Administration > Applications.
  2. Under Jira Service Management, select Email requests.
  3. Change any (or all) of the following settings:
    • Strip quotes: choose whether emailed comments contain the entire email thread, or just the most recent reply.
    • HTML email parsing: choose whether HTML emails display in wiki markup or plain text.
    • Public email comments: choose whether replies are added as comments to existing requests.
    • Customer account creation: choose whether new customers are created from the address list of email messages.
    • View status and logs: view the status of each email channel on your service project's site, logs, or delete a channel. Information older than 6 months is deleted daily.
    • Email filters: choose whether you want to use the built-in email filters for auto-generated emails and bulk emails. If you notice that email requests from your customers aren’t processed and tickets aren’t being created, you can switch one, or both, of the filters off. Alternatively, you can also use the allowlist and blocklist to manage incoming email requests. Learn more about the allowlist and blocklist.

      You need a Data Center license to change email filter settings and to use the allowlist and blocklist.

Manage global mail settings

There are two global mail settings—email puller and email processor—that are used by Jira Service Management only. They don’t impact any other email settings you have set up for Jira.

To manage global mail settings:

  1. Select Administration > System.
  2. Under Mail, select Global mail settings.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Email puller: connects to your mail servers every minute and pulls the email data into the database. Emails with attachments larger than 25MB are not be pulled.
    • Email processor: filters the emails (for example, to remove auto-replies and spam) using information stored in the database.

How to configure a mail server and mail handler

To learn how to configure Jira Service Management to receive and process emails, check out Creating issues and comments from email.

You must be a Jira administrator to do this.

Last modified on Mar 30, 2023

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