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Objects are your actual assets or configuration items. What an object looks like depends on the object type it belongs to. Learn more about objects

Create an object

To create an object:

  1. Select the object type where you'd like to add your object. The object will use the object type's attributes, so that's quite important.
  2. At the top-right, select Create object.
  3. Enter the details and any required attributes.

Example object

Here's the view of an object, based on the sample ITSM schema:

  1. Object: List of objects within an object type.
  2. Object type actions: Actions for the parent object type.
  3. Object actions: Some of the object actions: printing labels or QR codes, watching.

How object keys are generated

All objects have an object key. The key uses the pattern KEY-NUMBER where:

  • KEY - object schema key
  • NUMBER - sequence number from the Object table in the database

The KEY is used to categorize objects and easily identify the object schema they belong to. The NUMBER is the MAX(Object Id) + 1 from the Object table (AO_8542F1_IFJ_OBJ). A new object schema (e.g. CRM) could have its first object with a key of CRM-12345 if this is the number of the max(Object ID) + 1 received from the database.

How it worked in earlier versions...

In earlier versions, objects received keys based only on the object schema and the sequence in which they were created, for example KEY-1, KEY-2, KEY-3, and so on. This was changed for the following reasons:

  • Data Center support: To ensure the keys are unique through the whole cluster, we switched to a database sequence.
  • Performance: By using a database sequence, we can sync fewer steps while creating objects, which improves performance in a multi-threaded environment.

Using the object view

Here's the same object as seen in the object view:

For more info on how you can customize the object view and what you can do in it, see Viewing objects in the object view.

Next steps

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Last modified on Sep 12, 2022

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