Escalate Jira Service Management issues to other Jira teams

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As agents investigate bug reports, they may need to escalate issues to the development team. For example, the agent may not find a fix from the knowledge base or a development contact. In this case, they may escalate the issue to a development team to fix in the software.

The development team should use an issue on their software board or backlog to track the fix. To make this easier, Jira Service Management agents can create these issues for them. Here's how the process works:

  1. A service project agent receives a bug report from a customer.
  2. The agent verifies that the bug needs a developer to fix the issue.
  3. The service project agent creates a linked issue in the development team's Jira Software project.
  4. The development team lead prioritizes and assigns the software issue to a developer to fix.
  5. The developer works in their Jira Software project while fixing the issue.
  6. The developer resolves the issue and Jira Service Management automatically updates the service agent about the fix.

Agents can pass on feature requests or improvement suggestions to project planning teams. They can also create issues with public-facing websites for marketing or documentation teams that use Jira Core.

Create linked issues

Service project agents can escalate a Jira Service Management issue to a Jira Software of Jira Core project by creating a linked issue. To create a linked issue:

  1. View the issue.
  2. Select the More option.
  3. Select Create linked issue.
  4. Choose the appropriate project where the issue needs to be escalated to.
  5. Select Create.

Linked issues created this way use a "causes" link by default. This means:

  • The service desk issue is "caused by" the linked development issue.
  • The development issue "causes" the linked service desk issue.

Jira Software and Jira Core teams get the most use of this technique when they can view and comment on issues in your service project. Read more about collaborating with other Jira teams on Jira Service Management issues.

Automatically update Jira Service Management agents about the progress of a linked issue

Service projects come with an automation rule that updates agents on the status of linked issues. The rule adds an internal comment on the service desk issue whenever another team transitions a "caused by" linked issue.

So, when a developer looks into a bug and resolves it as "fixed", they notify the service desk agent in the process. Then, the agent can follow up with the customer to make sure the fix works for them.

We enable the Update when a linked issue changes automation rule by default. To view or edit this rule:

In your service desk project, select Project settings () > Automation.

Read more about automation.

Last modified on Sep 17, 2020

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