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When you create an SLA, you can link that SLA to a calendar. This ensures that time is measured only when your team are available. To accommodate different work schedules, you can create calendars that take into account shift work, breaks, and holidays.

To get you started, Jira Service Management includes two default calendars:

  • Default 24/7 calendar, which is used when no calendar has been assigned to an SLA goal.
  • Sample 9-5 calendar, which tracks hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Calendars view in Project settings.

Create a new calendar

To create a new calendar in your service project:

  1. Go to Project settings > Calendars (underneath SLAs).
  2. In the top right corner, select Add calendar.
  3. Fill out the Name and Description, so it's easy to know what hours are being tracked.
  4. Choose the working hours for each day, and select + to add a new row.
  5. Select Save.

Sample working hours.

tip/resting Created with Sketch.

Look at the Total count for each day to make sure you're tracking the correct number of hours.

Edit or delete a calendar

To edit an existing calendar in your service project:

  1. Go to Project settings > Calendars (underneath SLAs).
  2. Find the calendar, select either Edit or Delete.
  3. Once you've made your changes, select Save

When you make changes, we'll recalculate any project SLAs linked to this calendar.

  • You can't edit or delete the Default 24/7 calendar.
  • Before you can delete a calendar, you'll need to remove it from the associated SLA's.

Import holidays

To import holidays to a calendar:

  1. Go to the Holidays section at the bottom of the calendar.
  2. Select the Import holidays link.
  3. Choose your ICS file, and set it to UTC/GMT+10
  4. Select Import. You'll see a modal that lists the holidays about to be imported.
  5. Delete unwanted holidays by selecting 'x'.
  6. Select Import.

Imported holidays will be added to any existing holidays in the calendar. If you'd like a holiday to repeat the following year, select the Repeat yearly check box and you won't have to import it again.

Holidays section, with sample Future and Past holidays.

If you want to delete a recurring holiday you need to do this in the year it was created. 

Link calendars to SLAs

To link a calendar to an SLA:

  1. Go to Project settings > SLAs.
  2. Choose the SLA you want to link to, select Edit SLA.
  3. Set your Start, Pause, and Stop conditions.
  4. In the Goals section under Issues, choose the type of issues you want to track.
  5. Under Goal, choose how quickly you want to resolve them.
  6. Under Calendar, select the edit icon and choose a calendar from the dropdown.
  7. Select Save.

To learn all about SLAs and how to set them up, go to Setting up SLAs.

Last modified on Oct 19, 2023

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