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Object types work like containers, or categories. Depending on your structure, they can group other object types or just objects. For example, you can have an object type Hardware that groups child object types Server, Computer, and Mobile phones. Each of these can then group specific objects. Learn more about object types

Create an object type

To create an object type:

  1. Open your object schema.
  2. At the top-right, select Object type > Create (you can also select the plus sign in the vertical menu)
  3. Choose the name, icon, and description for your object type.
  4. Select the object type's parent. If you select None, the object type will be at the top of your asset tree.
    Drag and drop object types to restructure and reshuffle. You can also move an object type under a different object type.

Example object type

Here's the view of an object type, based on the sample IT assets schema:

  1. Object types: List of object types in a schema. 
  2. Object type view: Switch between viewing object type's objects, attributes, or graph – the visual representation of its references.
  3. Object type actions: Configuration options for the current object type.
  4. Attributes: List of object type's attributes. These attributes will apply to all child objects.

Next steps

Object types need attributes that define them, so let's add some:

Last modified on Aug 22, 2023

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