Working with objects

Objects are your actual assets. Every object is a digital representation of anything that you're mapping in Assets, be it a specific computer, employee, office they work at, or even a license for your software. You can create as many objects as you like, and group them within object types that represent their characteristics (an employee wouldn't be the best fit for the hardware object type).

Here's an example of an employee:

References between objects

Information about an employee can be useful, but viewing their dependencies is even better. Thanks to this, you can know right away the office they work at, hardware they're using, role they belong to, or mobile phone they've been assigned. You can view references using the graphical viewer that lets you see all of it at a glance.

Here are the references of our example employee:

Get started with objects

Here's a list of pages to get you started:

Last modified on Sep 12, 2022

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