Sourcetree Enterprise and MSI installation

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You can use the MSI installer to create programatic installations across your teams.


Administrators should download the latest official MSI installer.

If you need to reinstall a previous version you can find all previous releases in our Download Archives

You will need Sourcetree 2.5 or later to use the MSI installer and these instructions.

Installer differences

When using the MSI installer, Sourcetree: 

  • does not automatically launch when complete
  • does not provide the ability to download and install Git, Mercurial, etc.
  • does not support choosing custom Git, Mercurial, etc.
  • does not prompt to install global ignore files
  • disables update notifications for the app
  • provides additional registration option


To install Sourcetree you can: 

  • Install using the installation wizard included in Sourcetree. 
  • Create a programatic installation using 'msiexec' or other management software. 

Supported options: 

  • ACCEPTEULA - to enable the checkbox automatically
    • value: 1 (required to be this for successful install)
  • INSTALLDIR - to configure where the executable lives
    • value: path (may require admin level permissions depending on location)

Sourcetree looks for and will configure itself automatically to use the versions installed at:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Git
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercurial
  • custom location (note: you'll need to manually add this to the PATH environment variable)


Each user still has to register Sourcetree, when it first launches, using one of the following options:

  • your company's Bitbucket Server instance (through user's default browser)
  • the Atlassian account service (requires Internet Explorer 11 or higher)

That's the only step an end-user should have to perform to start using Sourcetree in your enterprise environment.

Last modified on Apr 25, 2018

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