SourceTree Freezes When Cloning a Subversion Repository

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After entering a Subversion URL in the Clone Repository source box, when SourceTree prompts you for the authentication details the spinning beachball cursor appears and the application freezes.


This issue may occur the first time you authenticate against a Subversion URL, when the username is not known in advance.


This only occurs the first time you try to authenticate against a Subversion URL, and when the user name is not known in advance. It is due to an output flushing problem in the command-line svn client when it needs to prompt for both the username and password, such that SourceTree never sees the password prompt.


There are several ways to work around this - you only need to pick one of these options.

  1. Include the username in the URL, ie https://username@hostname/path/to/repo
  2. On the command line, issue 'svn --username your_username https://hostname/path/to/repo and authenticate at least once. Subversion will cache this in your keychain for the future.
  3. Use SSH keys to authenticate
Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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