When deleting a project, Server Unreachable message appears

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When attempting to delete a project in Stash, you get the message:

Server Unreachable

The server didn't respond. You may retry your request when the server comes back up.


Stash provides a REST API that responds to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests; but some firewalls are configured to not accept anything but GET and POST.

If you examine the HTTP response from the deletion attempt, you will notice that a 502 Bad Gateway error is being returned to the browser. In fact, that error code is not being returned by Stash, but by a firewall or proxy server that is intercepting requests on their way to the Stash server.


Configure the intercepting firewall or proxy server so that it does not block HTTP DELETE requests for Stash. For instructions on performing that configuration, see the operation manual for the particular firewall or proxy server product.

Last modified on Jun 1, 2012

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