What to do if a health check fails to run

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The Instance Health feature is available for Jira Server and Data Center, Confluence Server and Data Center, and Bamboo Server.

Sometimes a health check will encounter a problem and fail to run. When this happens, we show a Fail  status. This page outlines some of the steps you can take to resolve this.

Rerun the health check

Start by running the check again. To rerun a check, go to the Instance Health tab in the Troubleshooting and Support Tools app in your application’s admin console.

Show me how to do this

Troubleshooting and support tools can be found in your application's administration console. You'll need to be logged in as an Administrator to use it.  

  • For Bamboo go to  > Overview > Support Tools (under System)
  • For Bitbucket go to > Administration > Troubleshooting and support tools (under Support)
    For Bitbucket Mirror go to  > Administration > Troubleshooting and support tools - [Mirror] (under Support)
  • For Confluence go to   General Configuration > Troubleshooting and support tools (under Administration)
  • For Crowd (2.11 and later) go to   > Support Tools
  • For FishEye / Crucible go to   Administration > Support Tools  (under System Settings)
  • For Jira applications go to  > System > Troubleshooting and support tools (under System support)

Every time you visit this page, all of the health checks will run again. If you rerun your health check and it passes, then you can safely ignore the failure. Click Don't remind me again on the warning dialog to prevent the message from appearing again.

See if the check is important to your system

If the check still fails to run, you can also review our documentation to determine whether the check is critical to verify the health of your system. See a full list of health checks.

For example, if you know that your system has more than enough free space, and is very unlikely to run out, you may decide that the Free Space check isn’t relevant for you.

If the check is critical to your instance, you should create a support request and the Atlassian Support team will help you resolve the issue.

Last modified on Oct 4, 2019

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