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Integrating with Flowdock

You can integrate Flowdock with Jira Cloud and issues from your Jira projects will be included in your Flowdock flows.

If you link a Jira project to a Flowdock flow, all Jira comments will appear on FlowDock regardless of the restriction level that is set when creating the comment. Please ensure that you only link Jira projects to Flowdock flows when it is acceptable for all Jira comments to be visible.

To enable Flowdock in Jira:

  1. Log in as an admin to your site.
  2. Choose Manage Plugins > Show System Plugins.
  3. Locate Flowdock for Jira and click Configure. The Flowdock integration page will display all the Jira projects that are set up.
  4. Enter your Flowdock API key against the Jira projects that you want to include in your Flowdock flow.
    To get your Flowdock API key, log in to Flowdock and view the Integrating with variety of issue trackers page. Your API key will be displayed in the Jira instructions.
  5. Click Save. The API key information will be saved and the Flowdock integration page will refresh.

You will now receive messages in your Flowdock flow for any issue activity (e.g. issue creation, issue comments added, issue fields updated, etc) in the configured Jira projects.

Integrating with Zephyr

Jira Cloud comes with the Zephyr Enterprise Connector plugin, and this plugin sends defect metrics to Zephyr Enterprise and Zephyr Community Editions. This plugin is a different plugin from Zephyr for Jira

To enable Zephyr in Jira:

  1. Log in as an admin to your site.
  2. Choose Plugins. You will see the list of user-installed plugins.
  3. Near the bottom of the page, locate the Zephyr Enterprise Connector and click it to display the available options.
  4. Click Enable. The Zephyr plugin will be enabled. 

To connect to Jira from Zephyr:

See Zephyr's Jira Overview & Setup documentation.

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Integrating with Subversion

Jira's Subversion integration lets you see Subversion commit information relevant to each issue. Subversion integration can be implemented by using Atlassian FishEye. The FishEye integration offers greater scalability, insight and flexibility into your source code and related integration with Jira, however both solutions allow you to link Jira to related code changes in Subversion.

Subversion commits.
Commits will appear in this tab if the commit log mentions the issue key ('TEST-3' above).

Last modified on Jun 23, 2020

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