Installing Jira applications

Before you start

Before installing, please review the supported platforms and Jira applications installation requirements pages.

Choose your install method

Install method

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Install a Jira trial

This is the fastest way to get Jira up and running. If you're evaluating Jira, use this option. You don't need an external database to install a Jira trial.

You can also try Jira on the Cloud for free.

Install Jira using an installer

This option uses an installer, and is the most straightforward way to get your production site up and running on a Windows or Linux server.

Install Jira from a zip or archive file

This option requires you to manually install files and configure some system properties. It gives you the most control over the install process. Use this option if there isn't an installer for your operating system.

Unattended Jira installation

You can use a configuration file from an existing Jira installation to create an identical installation with no user input. This is useful for re-installing Jira on production with the same configuration as an existing test installation.

This option gets Jira up and running in no time using a pre-configured Docker image. Head to to find out more about Docker.

Atlassian supports running Jira in a Docker container, but we cannot offer support for problems which are related to the environment itself.

Install Jira Data Center on a single node

You don’t need high availability or disaster recovery, but you could use features that are exclusive to Data Center.

Learn more at Running Jira Data Center on a single node.

Install Jira Data Center in a cluster

Jira Data Center with a cluster of nodes is designed for enterprises with large or mission-critical deployments that require continuous uptime, instant scalability, and performance under high load. It can be hosted on your own infrastructure or deployed to Kubernetes, AWS or Azure.

Learn more at Running Jira Data Center in a cluster.

Note: We do not support installing Jira as a production system on macOS. However, if you want to set up Jira on a macOS for evaluation purposes, follow the instructions for Installing Jira applications on Linux from Archive File. There are no limitations to using Jira on a Mac with any one of the supported browsers.  

Installing an additional Jira application

Once you have installed your initial Jira application, it's possible to install additional applications directly through the Versions and licenses page.

Last modified on Dec 1, 2023

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