Troubleshooting installation

If you run into issues with your Jira, refer to the information below to complete your installation.

Installation tips

  • If your web browser window shows an error the first time you try to access Jira , wait for 30 seconds or so and then refresh the page.
  • If the command prompt window closes immediately, your JAVA_HOME variable may not be set correctly.
  • Some anti-virus or other Internet security tools may interfere with the Jira installation process and prevent the process from completing successfully. If you experience or anticipate experiencing such an issue with your anti-virus/Internet security tool, disable this tool first before proceeding with the Jira installation.
  • If you install on Linux, the Linux OOM Killer can sometimes kill Jira processes when memory on the server becomes too low. See How to Configure the Linux Out-of-Memory Killer.

Known issues

Check this list of issues and solutions that's been compiled by our support: Installation and upgrade troubleshooting.


  • Search our Atlassian Community site for articles and discussions pertaining to your topic. Or, ask a question to tap into Community experts both inside and outside of Atlassian.

  • Create an issue at our support site so that our support engineers can assist you.

  • If you purchased your license through an authorized Solution Partner, consult them to learn more about troubleshooting your instance.
  • Looking for more assistance? We also offer Premier Support, which includes 24 x 7 support availability, health checks, dedicated senior support engineers, and more. Check out our Premium Support offerings for more information.
Last modified on May 7, 2021

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