Rolling back a Jira application upgrade

You can roll back Jira to its previous version if you encounter any issues with the upgrade. Any data changed since the last backup will not be present after rolling back.

Before you begin

Make sure you have the following backups from your previous version:

  • The Jira database (created with the database's native tools)
  • The Jira home directory
  • The Jira installation directory

Rolling back the upgrade

To roll back the upgrade, you simply need to restore the database from the backup and copy the installation and home directories to their original locations, like it was in your previous Jira setup. Once you do it and restart Jira, your old environment will be restored.

  1. Stop the upgrade or the upgraded Jira instance.
  2. Use your database tools to restore the Jira database from the backup.
  3. Restore the Jira installation directory to its original location. In the case of a manual upgrade, the original installation directory should be intact.
  4. Restore the Jira home directory to its original location.
  5. Start Jira by running the or start-jira.bat file in the bin subdirectory of your restored Jira application installation directory.

    Have you installed JIRA as a service on Windows?

    If that's the case, you also need to restart the Atlassian Jira  service from the Control Panel. No need to create a new one, since the Jira service entry is retained even if there's an error during the upgrade to facilitate the rollback.

Well done! You've rolled back Jira to its previous version.

Last modified on Jul 1, 2021

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