Migrating data with 3rd party apps

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Whether you’re scaling your organization, simplifying maintenance for hardware and licensing, or taking an extra step to validate all changes coming into Jira, we want to ensure there’s a clear path for you to migrate data. That's why we support cooperation with one of our platinum Marketplace partners, Appfire, who offers the Configuration Manager app to help you transfer projects, configuration, and the desired accompanying data from one Jira instance to another.

Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) is the strong option for you when you:

  • Prioritize in-app safeguards that protect your instance health. CMJ prevents certain changes from being made to help protect instance health.

  • Want the benefits of Power Admin and Integrity Check, which are included with CMJ

  • Need to move app data

  • Care about the speed

  • Want to transform or edit configurations directly from the app user interface

  • Need a cloud version of the app

Promoting changes in Jira

Whether it's a big change to your workflows or just a new custom field, take it from development through staging to production to make sure no unexpected consequences occur.

Learn how to do this from the Appfire documentation: Test - Staging - Production

Consolidating Jira instances

We all love Jira, but too many instances can feel overwhelming. When moving to a single Jira, you want to maintain full visibility on the consolidation process and ensure no data is left behind.

Learn how to do this from the Appfire documentation: Merge Jira Servers

Migrating Jira projects

Whether you need to migrate projects from Server to Cloud or to a new Jira system as part of a company merger or acquisition, CMJ is here to help. Move projects seamlessly between one Jira and another.

Learn how to do this from the Appfire documentation:

Last modified on Apr 5, 2023

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