Atlassian Contributor License Agreement

If you would like to contribute documentation to the Atlassian Documentation wiki or the Atlassian Developers site, Atlassian requests that you complete and submit a contributor license agreement.

The purpose of the agreement is to define the terms under which intellectual property has been contributed to the Atlassian documentation. This will allow us to defend the documentation wiki if a legal dispute arises concerning the contributed content.

(info) The Atlassian Contributor License Agreement (ACLA) applies to documentation only.

How to sign up for the ACLA

Please complete and submit the online ACLA form.  We will grant you editing rights to the relevant documentation spaces once we have received your form.

Affected Documentation Spaces

The Atlassian Contributor License Agreement is required only for the documentation spaces listed below. Some of the spaces on the Atlassian documentation wikis are open to everyone for editing without such an agreement. Other spaces on the same wikis are editable by Atlassian staff only.

The Atlassian Contributor License Agreement applies to the following spaces on the Atlassian Documentation wiki:

  • AGILEJIRA Agile documentation
  • APPLINKS – Application Links documentation
  • BAMBOOBamboo documentation
  • BITBUCKETBitbucket documentation
  • BITBUCKETSERVER – Bitbucket Server documentation
  • CAPTURE – Capture for JIRA documentation
  • CLOVERClover documentation
  • DISC — Confluence user community
  • DOCConfluence documentation
  • SPCONConfluence SharePoint Connector documentation
  • CROWDCrowd documentation
  • CRUCIBLECrucible documentation
  • FISHEYEFishEye documentation
  • GADGETSGadgets and Dashboards documentation
  • IDEPLUGIN – Atlassian IDE Connector documentation
  • JIRAJIRA documentation
  • JIRACOM — JIRA user community
  • JIRAHOOKUPJIRA integration documentation
  • SERVICEDESK – JIRA Service Desk documentation
  • TEAM CALENDARSTeam Calendars documentation
  • UPMUnified Plugin Manager documentation
  • USERMANUser Management documentation

In addition, the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement applies to a number of spaces on the Atlassian Developers site. See the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement on the developers site.

(info) The same agreement covers both documentation wikis. You do not need to submit the agreement twice.


  1. Archived documentation is editable on request.

    For each product, there is a current documentation space plus potentially one or more archive documentation spaces holding documentation for earlier versions of the product. For example, the current Crowd documentation is in the CROWD space, and documentation for earlier versions is in CROWD015, CROWD014, etc. Editing of the archive spaces is restricted to Atlassian technical writers. To request an update to such a document, please raise an issue on our JIRA issue tracker, in the project for the relevant product. Set the issue type to 'Task' and the component to 'Documentation'. In isolated cases, we may grant someone edit-permissions for a specific update and then remove the permissions again.

  2. Atlassian reserves the right to update or remove all content. The Atlassian technical writers, developers and other Atlassians will monitor all content in the documentation spaces. Where necessary, we will adjust the grammar or spelling, update obsolete content and remove incorrect or undesirable content.
  3. Atlassian reserves the right to refuse or revoke editing rights for a particular user.
  4. We cannot guarantee to remove inaccurate or offensive content immediately. If someone adds inaccurate or offensive content to the documentation, there may be a time lapse before we find and remove it. We monitor the contributions to the documentation, but time pressures and work load may result in something offensive slipping through.

How we Manage Community Updates

Here is a quick guide to how we manage community contributions to our documentation and the copyright that applies to the documentation:

  • Monitoring by technical writers. The Atlassian technical writers monitor the updates to the documentation spaces, using RSS feeds and watching the spaces. If someone makes an update that needs some attention from us, we will make the necessary changes.
  • Wiki permissions. We use wiki permissions to determine who can edit the documentation spaces. We ask people to sign the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement (ACLA) and submit it to us. That allows us to verify that the applicant is a real person. Then we give them permission to update the documentation.
  • Copyright. The Atlassian documentation is published under a Creative Commons CC BY license. Specifically, we use a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. This means that anyone can copy, distribute and adapt our documentation provided they acknowledge the source of the documentation. The CC BY license is shown in the footer of every page, so that anyone who contributes to our documentation knows that their contribution falls under the same copyright.

ACLA Version History

Version Release Date Description
ACLA v1.0   First version of the form. Applied to documentation spaces on the Atlassian Documentation wiki at only.
ACLA v2.0 September 2011 Updated to include spaces on the Atlassian Developers site at, as well as the original

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