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Please note that we are no longer accepting third-party contributors to our product documentation. We do welcome contributions to our developer documentation.


  1. Atlassian reserves the right to update or remove all content. The Atlassian technical writers, developers and other Atlassians will monitor all content in the documentation spaces. Where necessary, we will adjust the grammar or spelling, update obsolete content and remove incorrect or undesirable content.
  2. Atlassian reserves the right to refuse or revoke editing rights for a particular user.
  3. We cannot guarantee to remove inaccurate or offensive content immediately. If someone adds inaccurate or offensive content to the documentation, there may be a time lapse before we find and remove it. We monitor the contributions to the documentation, but time pressures and work load may result in something offensive slipping through.

ACLA Version History

VersionRelease DateDescription
ACLA v1.0 First version of the form. Applied to documentation spaces on the Atlassian Documentation wiki at only.
ACLA v2.0September 2011Updated to include spaces on the Atlassian Developers site at, as well as the original
Last modified on Mar 22, 2017

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