Restrict rule actor impersonators

Starting from Jira automation 9.1, when you create a new rule, you’ll only be able to select yourself as the rule’s actor. This improves your instance’s security by preventing users without required permissions from impersonating other users and creating issues through Jira automation rules.

However, if you want to, you can allow other users to impersonate a rule’s actor by configuring your global and project permissions.

Enable rule actor impersonation

You can enable rule actor impersonation system-wide by configuring your global permissions. Learn more about managing global permissions

To allow the impersonation of the rule actor globally:

  1. Go to Administration, then System, and select Global permissions.
  2. Under Jira permissions, go to Add permission and add Impersonate users in A4J global scope to the group of your choice.

You can also enable rule actor impersonation only for a specific project by configuring your project permissions. Learn more about managing project permissions.  In some uncommon scenarios, the global rule actor impersonation permission may not applied at the project level, and you will need to enable it at the project level.

To allow the impersonation of the rule actor for a specific project:

  1. Go to Project settings, and select Project permissions.
  2. Next to the permission Impersonate users in A4J project scope, select Edit, and add the user, role, or group of your choice.

Last modified on Jun 18, 2024

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