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Use Build warnings parser tasks to scan build logs and output files for compiler warning. Warnings are aggregated into a build artifact and the summary of the warnings is displayed in the build result page.

To create a Build warnings parser task: 

  1. In you job configuration scree, click the Tasks tab. 
  2. Click Add task.
  3. From the Builder type group, select Build warnings parser.
  4. Configure the following settings: 

Task Description
A description of the task, which is displayed in Bamboo.

Disable this task
Check, or clear, to selectively run this task.

Type of parser used by the task. Pick the one that matches the compiler (or other tools) used in previous steps of the build.

Associate warnings with a repository
Warnings can be associated with a repository containing your sources. This information can be later to used to notify the source control system about the amount and severity of warnings found by this task. By default, the warnings are linked to the default repository of the build.

Pick the correct source repository to associate the warnings with.

Where Bamboo should look for warnings. You can choose between parsing the output logs (default) or the file matching a glob pattern.

Custom files
glob pattern defining which files should be scanned for compiler warnings.

Fail build if too many warnings are found
Switch this option of causes build to fail if number of warnings exceed defined threshold.

Severity of warnings being counted
The severity level of warnings counting towards build failure threshold. There are 3 severity levels: low, normal and high.

Fail build threshold
If number of warnings (taking into account their severity) exceeds this number the build fails.

Example of a Build warnings parser task configuration.

Last modified on Oct 18, 2018

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