Getting gcov results in Clover coverage summary

This feature is not officially supported by Atlassian. It is being maintained by open source community, feel free to contribute.


Clover does not support code coverage for C/C++. However, it is possible to display C/C++ coverage statistics on "Clover" tab on  "Job Summary" and "Plan Summary" pages. In order to get this working:

  • create a task in which gcov is used and produces coverage file
  • create a task in which python script (see references below) converts gcov data to clover.xml file
  • enable Clover on Miscellaneous tab on Job Configuration page
    • enable "Use Clover to collect code coverage for this build"
    • select option "Clover is already integrated into this build and a clover.xml will be produced."
    • enter path to clover.xml file


Source code for Python script performing conversion is kept in Mercurial bamboo-gcov-plugin repository on

hg clone ssh://

Discussion about Clover schema on Atlassian Answers:

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