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Instead of verifying or troubleshooting your Bamboo YAML Specs configuration by repeatedly pushing changes to the source code, you can use the built-in validator utility. The utility analyzes your Bamboo YAML Specs configuration against a linked or project-specific repository and checks for syntax errors following the Bamboo YAML Specs format.

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The validator is available from the Specs menu in Bamboo’s top navigation bar. Here’s what it looks like:

  1. Source code repository type selector
  2. Repository selection menu
  3. YAML Specs input field
  4. Validate button
  5. Result flag

How to use the Bamboo YAML Specs validator

To validate your Bamboo YAML Specs configuration:

  1. From the source code repository type selector, select either Linked repositories or Project repositories.

    If you see the No available repositories message, it means that Bamboo couldn’t find any repositories with Specs enabled or you don’t have permission to access them.

  2. From the repository selection menu, select the repository to validate your YAML Specs against.
  3. Paste your YAML Specs configuration into the YAML Specs input field.
  4. Select Validate.


If your configuration is valid, you’ll see the following notification:

All good!

The YAML configuration is valid.

Otherwise, you’ll see the following error message followed by the details of what went wrong:

The YAML configuration is invalid

There’s something wrong with the YAML configuration. Fix the errors and try again.


In that case, you’ll need to fix the errors identified during validation and retry.

Last modified on Nov 24, 2022

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