Displaying the wallboard

A development team can benefit from setting up a dedicated monitor to display Bamboo's latest build results using the Bamboo wallboard.

The Bamboo wallboard can display the latest results for:

  • all plans that you have permission to see.
  • just your favorite plans.
  • plans filtered by plan label.

The branches wallboard displays the status of all the branches and the plan that the branches belong to.

On this page:

How do I do that?

Log in to Bamboo, if necessary.

Go to My Bamboo.

All plansWallboardAll plans

Alternatively, use the following URL in your browser, replacing 'bambooserver' with the real name of your Bamboo server:

Favorite plansWallboardFavorite plans

Only users who have logged in to Bamboo can specify and access favorites.

Alternatively, use the following URL in your browser, replacing 'bambooserver' with the real name of your Bamboo server:

Filtered plansWallboardFiltered plansYou need to have set up a plan filter first. See Using the Bamboo Dashboard.


  • You will only be able to display those plans that you have permission to see.
  • Once you are viewing the wallboard in your browser window, set your browser to full screen mode to make the wallboard fill your entire screen. (Use F11 for common browsers on Windows and UNIX/Linux-based systems and Shift+Cmd+F for Firefox on Mac OS X.)
  • If you are going to display the wallboard permanently, you may want to ask your Bamboo administrator to create a user who has only a limited set of permissions.
  • If your wallboard is displayed on a touchscreen (such as an iPad) or its content can be accessed with a human interface device, such as a mouse, then touching or selecting a build result on the wallboard shows more information about that build.

Last modified on Jun 22, 2021

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