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A development team can benefit from setting up a dedicated monitor to display Bamboo's latest build results using the Bamboo wallboard.

The Bamboo wallboard can display the latest results for:

  • all plans that you have permission to see.
  • just your favourite plans.
  • plans filtered by plan label.

The branches wallboard displays the status of all the branches and the plan that the branches belong to.

On this page:

How do I do that?

Log in to Bamboo, if necessary.

Go to the Dashboard.

All plansWallboardAll Plans

Alternatively, use the following URL in your browser, replacing 'bambooserver' with the real name of your Bamboo server:

Favourite plansWallboardFavourite Plans

Only users who have logged in to Bamboo can specify and access favourites.

Alternatively, use the following URL in your browser, replacing 'bambooserver' with the real name of your Bamboo server:

Filtered plansWallboardFiltered PlansYou need to have set up a plan filter first. See Using the Bamboo Dashboard.


  • You will only be able to display those plans that you have permission to see.
  • Once you are viewing the wallboard in your browser window, set your browser to 'full screen' mode to make the wallboard fill your entire screen. (Use F11 for common browsers on Windows and UNIX/Linux-based systems and Shift+Cmd+F for Firefox on Mac OS X.)
  • If you are going to display the wallboard permanently, you may want to ask your Bamboo administrator to create a user who has only a limited set of permissions.
  • If your wallboard is displayed on a touchscreen (such as an iPad) or its content can be accessed with a 'human interface device', such as a mouse, then touching or clicking a build result on the wallboard shows more information about that build.

    Screenshot: More information from a build result on the wallboard


  1. Anonymous

    It would be nice to be able to display branches of a plan on the wallboard as well.

    1. You can display branches if you favourite the branch and use the Favourite Wallboard 

      1. It would be nice to automatically display all branches of a plan that I have already favorited.  Given automatic branch creation, having to go add new branches as favorites on the wallboard seems like it should be an unnecessary step.

        1. The reason we don't add all the branches to the wallboard when you favourite its plan is that some teams create a lot of branches automatically and we don't want to flood the wallboard with unnecessary branches (one for each issue in the sprint).

          Would  BAM-10865 - Wallboard for Branches Resolved  help solve part of your problem?

          1. We create loads of plans and have the same problem, showing us the wallboard with only master/production is useless, we need to see all the branches currently in development.

            How about making it an option, so teams that don't want it can disable it, but those of us who genuinely need it, can actually have it?

  2. Anonymous

    Is there any way to get the build widgets to rotate like JIRA gadgets do?  We have many build plans and they do not all fit on the screen at once.  This means some are hidden and one must scroll the page down to see the ones at the bottom of the page.  This is not something we can do for our public display in the office.  Thanks.

    1. There isn't a way todo that today but I've opened up a issue to track it 

      BAM-12861 - Rotate the wallboard if there are too many plans to show on a single screen Open  

  3. Anonymous

    Is there any way to display "More information" permanently but not only after clicking on the plan?

    Thanks, Alexey

  4. Anonymous

    "touching or clicking a build result on the wallboard shows more information about that build" – for some reason this has never worked for me (using chrome/firefox on linux). I'm not that into web development to debug it myself...

    1. In order to investigate this issue further, we need additional information. Please raise a new support ticket on, provide the results of JavaScript messages after clicking the View->Developer->JavaScript Console from your Chrome menu and reproducing the misbehavior. Also, provide your Bamboo logs (BambooHome/logs).


      1. Hi Armen,

        It doesn't work for me too. Using:

        • Bamboo 5.3
        • Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m
        • Firefox 26.0

        Following error will be thrown in the Javascript Console once a build area is clicked:

        • Chrome:
        Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .build. batch.js:4680
        • Firefox
        16:54:47.420 Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .build. batch.js:4680
        1. It's a bug.  Tracking here: BAM-14183 - Expanding tiles on wallboard does not work Resolved

  5. Is there any way to display all plan results filtered for a particular branch?

  6. When showing more information for a build, can the comment and/or label fields get displayed? If a build failed for a reason other than code change (environment problem), I want to be able to mark it as such, with either label or comment, and then be able to see the reason on my telemetry wallboard. 

  7. Can we add feature to display wallboard base on build-label instead of either individual's favorite or filter? Our development team spread across different geographic location so having a dedicated monitor doesn't help. But having a URL against a build-label rather than individual's dashboard will.

  8. How can we display the builds in a grid layout. Now the builds are displayed in a list order, but now not all branches are visible. The picture in this thread displays a nice grid layout. 

  9. Still no answer on how to display as a grid??

    Ruben Verboon Did you ever find out?

  10. Why only builds? Why not deployments?