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A plan defines everything about your continuous integration build process in Bamboo.

A plan:

  • Has a single stage, by default, but can be used to group jobs into multiple stages.
  • Processes a series of one or more stages that are run sequentially using the same repository.
  • Specifies the default repository.
  • Specifies how the build is triggered, and the triggering dependencies between the plan and other plans in the project.
  • Specifies notifications of build results.
  • Specifies who has permission to view and configure the plan and its jobs.
  • Provides for the definition of plan variables.

Every plan belongs to a project.

Projects and plans can only be configured by Bamboo administrators (see Creating a plan).

Diagram showing the relationship between plans, stages, jobs and tasks:

On this page:

Navigating to a plan

To navigate to a plan:

  1. Click Dashboard and then the All Plans tab.
  2. In the list of plans, click the name of the desired plan. The plan's 'Plan Summary' page will be displayed.
  3. Choose Actions > Configure Plan to see the configuration pages for the plan.

Screenshot: The Plan Summary page

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