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Bamboo provides a convenient summary of all the tests that were run when a particular build was executed — as well as full details of any errors. This is useful when you are investigating what caused a build to fail.

Note that for more meaningful display of test names within Bamboo, the word 'test' is stripped out of test case name names if it occurs at the beginning, and capitals and underscores are treated as word separators.

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To view the test results for a particular build:

  1. Navigate to the build results for the plan or job, as described in Viewing a build result, and click the desired build result.
  2. Click the Tests tab.
    • Click the test name to see a particular test's results for other builds.

Screenshot: Test results for a build


  1. Anonymous

    How can I see the page for a test given the name of a test? That is, if I don't have a failure link to click on, how do I find the test, given its name?

  2. Anonymous

    I have the same question above. Anyone know the answer?

  3. Anonymous

    I'm also wondering this 

  4. Anonymous

    no link for passed tests?

  5. To view passed tests: Tests > expand (a tiny triangle at the left edge) > a job > Successful Tests

  6. There is a function to Create Issue for failed test. I can't find documentation about this function. Can you help me? I want to know whether I can create more then one Issues for one failed test? What kind of information can I see in JIRA Issue?
    Maybe there must be a link to failed test on Bamboo. And this Issues didn't contains in plan configuration->Issues


  7. Orivej Desh - If you have ~1000 tests and lots of jobs, that's a lot of clicking and scanning.
    The naming of the job could be cross functional to the name of the test and therefore doesn't always help.

    Great product and looking forward to your answer. (smile)

    1. Daniel, I am sorry to disappoint but I do not work for Atlassian and do not know any better solution.