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Shared capabilities are inherited by all applicable agents, that is, (shared) local server capabilities are inherited by all local agents, and shared remote capabilities are inherited by all remote agents. Note, however, that the value of a shared capability will be overridden by the value of an agent-specific capability of the same name (if one exists).


Agents and capabilities and

Configuring capabilities.

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  1. "Shared capabilities are inherited by all applicable agents"

    Except when they're not.  I feel this feature needs further explanation, as I have added three versions of Maven to the Server Capabilities section in Bamboo, yet only 2 of them are inherited by remote agents, even though all local and remote agents have all 3 versions of Maven installed in exactly the same way (managed by Puppet).

  2. How to track changes to shared capabilities made by users? Will they show up in Audit log?