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Bamboo can parse any test output that conforms to standard JUnit XML format. The implementation of this is pretty simple — Bamboo looks for specific tags in the JUnit XMl output.

A failed JUnit XML report, that is successfully parsed by Bamboo.

Click here to download the XML report.

A passed JUnit XML report, that is successfully parsed by Bamboo.

Click here to download the XML report.

Click here for the file which contains the Bamboo code for parsing JUnit XML output.

For those interested in the XUint XML Schema, please see this document.

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  1. Anonymous

    Please can you produce a XSD so that it is possible to quickly validate

  2. Anonymous

    On my project, we use this

    It works fine (wink)

    1. Never mind, I've found it attached in this page.

      Question: how do I change the URL of the link that links the current failing test to the "test page"? I want to redirect that to a custom-made page (an HTML inside the build's artifacts).

    2. Anonymous

      Neither do the "Click here to download the XML report" links.
      Which is not big deal, but I thought I'd point that one out too. 

  3. Anonymous

    How does JUnit parser figure out which test cases are the same when quarantining them? It seems class name is not the most significiant value as the source code seems to suggest.

    1. Both the class name and test method name are used to uniquely define the test and its quarantined state. If you are having troubles with quarantine (and this appears to you not to be the case) please contact support.

      1. What if class and method name pair is the same along the whole test? (in my case, if JUnit Parser is used for TestNG tests with DataProvider). Will Bamboo think that the test method was executed only once in this case? If yes, is there a way to make Bamboo display the correct count?

  4. Where should I put the file

  5. Links to both pass and fail XML reports are broken.

  6. Hi, I have a problem with visualisation of JUNIT xml elements: <property> and <system-out> is there any way to visualise them in after Bamboo ends the build plan?

     Link to the question is: