Bamboo hangs during the installation on Linux and uses all CPU - Disable SELinux

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After preparing the BAMBOO_INSTALL and BAMBOO_HOME directories while installing Bamboo server on a Linux box, the CPU utilization on the "java" process jumps to around 1000% and overall system load slowly climbs to the 20's during the setup wizard. Trying to use an embedded DB or an external database doesn't make any difference. Trying many different JDKs doesn't help either.


The cause can vary depending on the environment. For instance, while trying to find the cause of the problem, you might want to check the following:

  1. What other applications are installed on the same server that might cause Bamboo installation to consume all CPU and keep increasing the average system load?
  2. Check the thread dumps of Bamboo to see what it is trying to do at that moment when the CPU spikes.
  3. Is there any specific configuration that might be a barrier?


Eventually, check if there are any SELinux configurations if you are using almost a clean machine and there are no other applications involved. Try to disable SELinux and restart the machine. After, clean the BAMBOO_HOME directory and try to run the Bamboo installation process again.



Last modified on Nov 15, 2018

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