Property is not valid error caused by auto removal of quotes from MSBuild options

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When running an MSBuild task, bamboo  removes the quotes around the property value which cause the build to fail. As mentioned in a Microsoft document regarding this error: MSBuild Error MSB1006 because semicolons are used as a property separator, the remaining part after quotes are removed will be an invalid expression.

Example 1:

/t:Release /p:BuildVersion="1.0.0.${bamboo.buildNumber}" 

If quotes are not deleted, all the three options are considered as values of the property ProductsToRelease.

Example 2:

/p:Configuration="Any CPU";Platform=x64;...

Following is the error that shows up when running the build:

MSBUILD : error MSB1006: Property is not valid.



This problem was fixed in Bamboo 5.8. If possible upgrade to this version or a newer one.

If an upgrade is not possible then a possible workaround is presented below:


The possible workarounds for versions of Bamboo before version 5.8 are:

  1. use single quotes to quote the quotes to preserver your parameters. Instead of:



  2. Place all the options as a single line in a msbuild.rsp file in the directory that the build solution or project resides then running the MSBuild task with empty options.

Last modified on Oct 7, 2019

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