Delete your account

Deleting your account permanently deletes all repositories that you own. In addition, any URL referencing your account will no longer work. This includes repository URLs, API calls, wikis, issue trackers, and pull requests.

If you want to keep one of your repositories before deleting your account, you can either transfer the repository, make a backup of your code locally, or use the Downloads page to save a zip file of your repository. We cannot recover deleted repositories.

  1. From your avatar in the lower left, click Bitbucket settings.
  2. From Account settings, click Delete account.
    The system displays a confirm dialog.
  3. Choose OK to delete the account.

Destructive operation

The system message is the last chance to cancel the deletion. Once you click Delete, you won't be able to recover any repositories that are part of this account.

Last modified on Jul 10, 2017

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