Use Bitbucket Cloud with JIRA applications


Connect to JIRA Cloud for deep integration

Get Bitbucket and JIRA Cloud working together and enjoy the seamless integration of issues and code.


Surface your repository activity

See the key details of branches, commits and pull requests right in your JIRA Cloud issues.

Create new branches and pull requests directly from an issue.

Read more about integrating with Atlassian development tools.


Automate JIRA workflows

Sync pull requests, commits and branches to your JIRA Cloud workflow so that issues will update automatically as you work.

Read more about processing JIRA Cloud issues with Smart Commit messages.


Invite other team members

Make it easy for new members to find your team's repos.

Read about configuring automatic team invitations.


Have confidence in your releases

The Release Hub shows the state of your team's work on the coming release.

Read about checking the progress of a version.


Troubleshoot your connection

If you're having problems, troubleshoot your connection with JIRA Cloud.

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