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This page lists detailed notes regarding supported platforms for Bitbucket Server 5.0.x. See Supported platforms for a list of supported platforms.

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  • As well as the memory allocated for Tomcat (768MB is the default configuration and suitable for most uses), additional memory and CPU capacity is required to support Git operations. We recommend that you use a server with at least 2GB of available memory.
  • The hardware requirements for a full production deployment depend on the number and frequency of Git operations and the number of active users. See Scaling Bitbucket Server for further discussion and for details of how memory is allocated for Bitbucket Server and Git.


  • Bitbucket Server is a pure Java application and should run on any platform, provided all the Java requirements are satisfied.
  • In production environments Bitbucket Server should be run from a dedicated user account.
  • (error) Apple macOS is not supported for production deployment.
  • (error) Microsoft Windows is not supported for 500+ Enterprise tiers.
    • (error) Windows Resilient File System (ReFS) is not supported at this time, NTFS is required
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Note that the Bitbucket Server installer will install a supported version of the Oracle Java JRE, which is only available to Bitbucket Server, if necessary. See Running the Bitbucket Server installer.
  • If you choose to pre-install a JRE, we recommend using Oracle JRE 8, which you can download from the Oracle website.
  • We recommend Java 1.8.0u40+ to avoid critical defects in older versions. If you are terminating SSL at Tomcat there is a known Java bug that has been fixed in version 1.8.0u51. Alternatively, you can continue using 1.8u40+ with the addition of a JVM flag. Further details: Application crashes due to 'Internal Error (sharedRuntime.cpp:833)' caused by Java 8 bug.
  • For OpenJDK, download and install instructions for Linux flavors are at
  • (error) OpenJDK >= 1.8u25 and < 1.8u40 are not supported due to a severe defect, Bug 1167153. This was fixed in 1.8u40.
  • (error) OpenJDK 1.8u51 and 1.8u60 have known issues working with LDAP. See CWD-4444 for details.

Pre-installed Java on some AWS EC2 Linux instances might be installed with a subset of features. See SSH server fails to start on AWS EC2 instance for more information.



  • Please see connecting Bitbucket Server to an external database.
  • (error) HSQLDB is not supported in Bitbucket Data Center.
  • (warning) HSQLDB support is deprecated as of Bitbucket Server 4.0+. New Bitbucket Server installs will bundle and use H2 as the default database for evaluation purposes.


  • H2 is bundled with Bitbucket Server and is only intended for evaluation use.
  • H2 can be used with Bitbucket Data Center mirrors in production.


MySQL, while supported by Bitbucket Server, is currently not recommended, especially for larger instances, due to inherent performance and deadlock issues that occur in this database engine under heavy load.

Affected systems may experience slow response times, deadlock errors and in extreme cases errors due to running out of database connections. These issues are intrinsic to MySQL (no other database engine supported by Bitbucket Server shares this behavior) and are due to the way MySQL performs row-level locking in transactions. See for some general information on this.

Bitbucket Server does its best to work around the MySQL behavior - see issues STASH-4517, STASH-4701 and others, for example. But under very heavy load you will generally get better performance with any of the other database engines supported by Bitbucket Server (such as PostgreSQL, which is also freely available) than you will with MySQL.


  • Named Instances: If you have a named instance on your server, it is not possible to migrate from the internal database to a named instance of SQL Server using the UI procedure. You will need to manually edit the file as described on the Connecting to named instances in SQL Server from Bitbucket Server Knowledge Base article.





SQL Server


Git - server

In general, we recommend using the most recent version of Git on both the Bitbucket Server instance and clients, where possible, and subject to the following notes and exceptions.

  • The version of Git installed on machines that interact with Bitbucket Server must be compatible with the version of Git installed for use by the Bitbucket Server instance.
  • (error) Cygwin Git is not supported for use on Windows servers, regardless of version.
  • (error) Git 1.8.3.x has some performance regressions which may cause problems in Bitbucket Server with large repositories.
  • (error) Git is not supported due to a critical bug in how symbolic refs are handled which breaks pushing and pulling for repositories with pull requests. (Details)
    STASH-4101 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • (error) Git 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 are not supported due to a critical bug in git diff-tree which breaks Bitbucket Server's commit page. (Details)
    STASH-5052 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Git 2.2.x - 2.4.0 have some performance issues when interacting with NFS. Hence, these versions are currently not supported for Bitbucket Data Center or for Bitbucket Server installations that use NFS mounts for the home directory.
  • Git 2.11.1 is known to cause an error when trying to use blame from the interface. 
    BSERV-9570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  •  Git for Windows 2.12.2 has a regression in git status which causes editing files to fail The regression has been fixed, and the fix will be included in Git for Windows 2.12.3, when that is released.
    BSERV-9673 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Git 2.2.x - 2.8.x If using mixed line modes, it is recommended to use a version greater than or equal to 2.9.4 as mixed line modes can cause issues with merging and creating pull requests.

[Security vulnerability CVE-2016-2324 & CVE-2016-2315] affects multiple Git versions. Both server and client Git installations should be updated to a patched maintenance version: 2.4.11, 2.5.5, 2.6.6 or 2.7.4 or newer. For instructions see Installing and upgrading Git.

The table below lists the versions of Git that have been specifically tested against the Bitbucket Server 5.0.xreleases.




Git - client

[Security vulnerability CVE-2016-2324 & CVE-2016-2315] affects multiple Git versions. Both server and client Git installations should be updated to a patched maintenance version: 2.4.11, 2.5.5, 2.6.6 or 2.7.4 or newer. For instructions see Installing and upgrading Git.

Last modified on Feb 6, 2019

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