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This page lists the supported platforms for  Bitbucket Data Center and Server 8.14.x.

See End of support announcements for upcoming changes to platforms supported by Bitbucket.

Please read the supplied information carefully and check if it applies to your instance. 

(tick) Supported you can use Bitbucket Data Center and Server 8.14.x with this platform.

(info) Limited you can evaluate Bitbucket on this platform, but you can't use it to run a production site. 

(warning) Deprecated support for this platform will end in an upcoming release.

On this page:


HardwareGood to know




2+ cores


3+ GB

  • You'll need at least 3GB available memory. We recommend 1GB for Bitbucket and an additional 2GB to support Git operations. 
  • Your specific hardware requirements will depend on the number and frequency of Git operations and the number of active users. See Scaling Bitbucket Server for more information. 
  • For setting up Bitbucket Mesh, see requirements for Mesh nodes.


EnvironmentsGood to know

(tick) Linux

(info) Apple macOS

  • In production environments Bitbucket should be run from a dedicated user account.
  • Linux support requires a 2.6.17+ kernel and glibc 2.7+. Any Linux platform that meets these requirements is supported. For example, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and 9, Ubuntu LTS, and AWS Linux. 
  • If you've migrated all Git repositories from the Bitbucket shared home directory to Bitbucket Mesh, you can use the following file system options for the shared home directory: NFSv3 and NFSv4 (dedicated Linux server).

Known issues

  • You can’t use NFS hosted on Windows for Bitbucket’s shared home directory.
  • Apple macOS is evaluation only. MacOS cannot be used for production deployment.


You can use official images to deploy Bitbucket in a Docker container or customize a Docker deployment on your own.

We support the Atlassian Docker templates and can help with Bitbucket related problems. We don't provide support for Docker itself or problems with any Docker environment.

Containerization manager

We recommend that you use official helm charts to deploy Bitbucket Data Center with Kubernetes or customize a Kubernetes deployment on your own with the reference to the official helm charts.

We support the Atlassian Kubernetes helm chart and can help with Bitbucket Data Center product-related problems. We don't provide support for Kubernetes itself or problems with any Kubernetes environment.

Read our Kubernetes support disclaimer and more about what we support and what we don’t.

Cloud platforms

Cloud platformsGood to know

(tick) Amazon Web Services (AWS)

(tick) Microsoft Azure

See Recommendations for running Bitbucket in AWS for more information.

If you've migrated all Git repositories from Bitbucket's shared home directory to Bitbucket Mesh, you can use the following file system options for the shared home directory:

  • NFSv3, NFSv4 (dedicated Linux server)
  • Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) 
  • Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP NFS
  • Amazon FSx for OpenZFS
  • Amazon FSx for Lustre


JavaGood to know

(tick) Java 17

(tick) Java 11 (supported from 11.0.8+)

(error) Java 10

(error) Java 9

(error) Oracle Java 8u321

(error) Oracle Java 8u311

(tick) Java 8 (supported from 1.8u65+)

  • Due to an Oracle Java bug that causes Git SSH operations to fail, we support only Oracle Java 17.0.10 (in which the bug was fixed) and later. Oracle Java 17.0.0-17.0.9 aren't supported. OpenJDK Java versions aren't affected. Learn more about the Oracle Java bug
  • Bitbucket will install a supported version of OpenJDK Java JRE that is only available to Bitbucket if necessary. See Running the Bitbucket installer.

  • If you choose to pre-install a JRE, we recommend using an OpenJDK Java 11 JRE. You can download one from the Eclipse Temurin™ website.

  • For OpenJDK, download and install instructions for Linux flavors at

  • Pre-installed Java on some AWS EC2 Linux instances might be installed with a subset of features. For more information, see SSH server fails to start on AWS EC2 instance.

  • We support standard OpenJDK builds, including Oracle's official build, alternative builds such as Adoptium OpenJDK (formerly known as AdoptOpenJDK), and builds shipped with Linux distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise. 

  • AdoptOpenJDK is now known as AdoptiumOpenJDK.
  • Oracle Java 8u311 and 8u321 are not supported due to JDK-8279618.


If you’re using PostgreSQL and glibc version lower than 2.28 and upgrading your operating system libraries, you’ll need to rebuild the PostgreSQL indices before you start Bitbucket if the upgrade increases the glibc version to 2.28 or later.


(tick) 12 - 16

(warning) 10 - 11 (Deprecated)

Known issues

Connect Bitbucket to PostgreSQL

MySQL (Bitbucket Server only)

(tick) 8.0.11+

(tick) 5.7.9+

(tick) MariaDB 10.11

(tick) MariaDB 10.10

(tick) MariaDB 10.9

(tick) MariaDB 10.8

(tick) MariaDB 10.7.3+

(tick) MariaDB 10.6.3+

(tick) MariaDB 10.5.4+

(tick) MariaDB 10.4.6+

(tick) MariaDB 10.3.7+

Known issues

MySQL, while supported by Bitbucket, is currently not recommended, especially for larger instances, due to inherent performance and deadlock issues that occur in this database engine under heavy load.

See Connecting Bitbucket Server to MySQL for more details and for some general information on deadlock issues.

You should not use  Bitbucket with the following:

Do not use MySQL in Bitbucket Data Center.

Microsoft SQL Server

(tick) 2019

(tick) 2017

(tick) 2016

(tick) 2014 

Good to know

Using Windows Authentication between a Linux Bitbucket installation and SQL sever is not supported. 

Known issues


(tick) 19c

(tick) 18c

(tick) 12c R2

No additional information or known issues
Amazon Aurora

(tick) PostgreSQL 12 - 16

(warning) PostgreSQL 10 - 11 (Deprecated)

Good to know

  • The only supported Amazon Aurora config is a PostgreSQL-compatible clustered database with one writer replicating to zero or more readers. Learn more

H2 (bundled)

(info) Bitbucket Data Center, evaluation only

(tick) Bitbucket Mirror

Good to know

  • H2 is bundled with Bitbucket for evaluation use only.
  • H2 (bundled) is the only database that is supported with Bitbucket Data Center mirrors in production.
HSQLDB (bundled)
Bitbucket Data Center only, evaluation only
(warning) Deprecated

Good to know

  • Please see Connect Bitbucket to an external database.
  • HSQLDB is not supported in Bitbucket Data Center.
  • HSQLDB support was deprecated as of Bitbucket 4.0+. New Bitbucket installs will bundle and use H2 as the default database for evaluation purposes.

Secret managers

We provide a few secrets management options, as well as to our basic and advanced encryption options and our custom SecretStore implementation. 

AWS Secrets Manager

(tick) Plaintext

(tick) Structured secret

Good to know


See Integrate with Atlassian applications for supported version combinations.


We recommend upgrading to the latest version of your CI server to ensure that the environment is as secure and stable as possible. See Integrated CI/CD for more information about linking Bitbucket and your CI application. Bitbucket Data Center and Server is a Git server solution, so it works with any client that works with Git.

(tick) 2.162+

Good to know


(tick) 5.6 - 6.10

(tick) 7.0+

Good to know


BrowsersGood to know

(tick) Chrome 

(tick) Firefox

(tick) Edge 

(tick) Safari

  • Bitbucket has a minimum supported browser resolution of 1100px.
  • Bitbucket supports the latest stable version of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge and does not support legacy Microsoft Edge (versions 18 and lower).
  • Mobile browsers are not supported.


Git – server

(tick) 2.34.x - 2.42.x (We don't recommend Git 2.43.x due to a possible performance regression.)

Good to know

Due to Git's clone protection feature, which prevents Bitbucket repositories from getting forked, we don't recommend using the following Git versions so that you can avoid inconveniences or errors: 2.39.4, 2.40.2, 2.41.1, 2.42.2, 2.43.4, 2.44.1, and 2.45.1.

We recommend using the most recent supported version of Git on both the Bitbucket instance and clients where possible, subject to the following notes and exceptions:

  • The version of Git installed on machines that interact with Bitbucket must be compatible with the version of Git installed for use by the Bitbucket instance.

Git – client
(tick) 1.6.6+

Good to know

  • A bug was fixed in Git version that prevented http push proxying from working.
Git LFS client
(tick) 3.0.0+
(tick) 2.0.0+
(tick) 1.1.0+

Good to know

  • Git LFS 3.0 includes backwards incompatible changes with Bitbucket Data Center and Server 7.16.0 and below.

Internet protocols

Internet protocolsGood to know

(tick) IPv4

(tick) IPv6

When using Bitbucket in IPv6 environments, we recommend that hostnames rather than IP addresses are used.


Search serversGood to know


(warning) 7.17.6, 7.17.10

(warning) 7.16.2, 7.16.3

(warning) 7.10.2


(tick) 1.3

(tick) 1.2

Amazon OpenSearch Service

(tick) OpenSearch 1.3

(tick) OpenSearch 1.2

(tick) OpenSearch 1.1

(warning) Elasticsearch 7.10

Additional tools

ToolsGood to know


(tick) 5.8.8+


(tick) 7.2+

  • Perl is usually provided automatically with Git.
Last modified on Jul 11, 2024

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