September 2012

Changes in this month:

24 September 2012

JIRA OnDemand upgrade

JIRA OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to regularly deliver new functionality to JIRA OnDemand. To check out what other JIRA features we've added in previous weeks, see this page: JIRA 5.2.

This upgrade introduces a number of new improvements including the new workflow scheme designer, an overhaul to the screen designer and improvements to webhooks.

Workflow scheme designer

We've enhanced the workflow scheme viewer from the previous upgrade, so that you can now configure as well as view workflow schemes. Want to preview changes as a draft before publishing? Want to browse through diagrams of the workflows in the system when adding a workflow? Want to assign multiple issue types to a workflow in a single step? You can now do all of these tasks and more.

Please note, the workflow scheme designer replaces the existing workflow scheme page for a project only. It is not available from the global list of workflow schemes.

Screen design made easy

The screen designer has been overhauled in this upgrade. Screens are just as customizable as ever, however the user interface is faster and much simpler to use. You won't have to wrestle with controls when reordering — just drag and drop to move a field or tab. Autocomplete is now used when adding fields, making this process quicker and easier as well.

Webhooks for issues

We added webhooks for issues in an upgrade earlier this month. In this upgrade, you can now constrain a webhook to fire for a set of issues (using JQL) and/or specific issue events, like when an issue is commented.

Webhooks for issues is a Labs feature, so you can start to experiment with it. We'll be moving it out of Labs in the near future. For more information about Labs features, see Labs Features in JIRA.

Further UI improvements for JIRA projects pages

UI Feature Notes Screenshot of new UI
Browse Project > Summary tab redesigned:
  • Issues: Updated recently section removed 
  • Issue: Unresolved section removed
  • Versions: Unreleased section moved to different position on tab and show/hide toggle for additional versions removed.
  • "Eyeball" toggle removed
  • Issues: Updated recently and Issue: Unresolved sections superseded by activity stream.

Bitbucket and GitHub Connector (JIRA DVCS Connector) upgrade

This upgrade ships the following new features:

Screenshot: Linking a Bitbucket account with JIRA OnDemand

For existing linked accounts and repos
  • The setting for smart commits is not enabled. You can enable this for existing linked repositories on a repository basis.
  • Default groups are not set. You can specify the groups easily on an account basis.

Screenshot: Select Bitbucket groups and users will receive emails to join Bitbucket

Bonfire upgrade

Bonfire has been upgraded from 2.4 to 2.5. Check out the Bonfire 2.5.1 Release Notes for details.

Tempo upgrade

Tempo has been upgraded from 7.2 to 7.3. This upgrade includes a number of new features and 8 new gadgets: Tempo 7.3 Release Notes

Confluence OnDemand upgrade

Confluence OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver improved functionality regularly.

Destination of links to top level of space is no longer configurable

We have removed a little-used option from the Confluence site configuration. Up to now, Confluence had an option called 'View Space Goes to Browse Space'. It determined what happened when people clicked a link that pointed to the root of a space. For example,

If the option was set, Confluence would direct people to the 'Browse Space' view instead of the space home page. Now this option has gone, and Confluence will always direct people to the home page of the space when they click such a link.

How does this affect you?

  • You do not need to do anything.
  • The 'View Space Goes to Browse Space' configuration no longer applies to any spaces, even if you had previously selected this option.
  • When people click a link that ends in the space key, like, they will go to the space home page.

Bamboo OnDemand upgrade

Bamboo OnDemand has been upgraded from 4.1 to 4.2. Improvements include:

  • Plan branches: You can now use notifications, build strategies and dependencies for plan branches, just as for normal plans.
  • JIRA integration: Automatically link new repository branches to JIRA issues when the repo name includes the JIRA issue key.
  • Git: The Bamboo Bitbucket connector has Git repository support.
  • Subversion: Bamboo can now automatically create plan branches for Subversion branches, and supports Subversion 1.7.
  • Shortcuts: Press E on any build summary or result page to go to the configuration settings for plans, jobs and plan branches. Press L to add labels, to help organize your plans and results.

See the Bamboo 4.2 Release Notes.

10 September 2012

A new user interface for login

We are shipping the new login user interface to customers. This interface will be shipped to JIRA-only and multi-app sites (that is, not to customers only with Confluence OnDemand).

The cookie used for "Remember me" has changed. Refer to the OnDemand Cookies documentation for more information.

Please note the the following with regards to settings on the General Configuration page for JIRA:

  • The maximum authentication attempts allowed is now 5 times, and after the 5th time, users will see the CAPTCHA field. Your corresponding settings in JIRA are ignored.
  • The Contact Administrators Form setting does not take effect and the contact administrator link is not shown on the login page even if the option is set to ON.
  • The Logout confirmation setting does not take effect and it now always requires users to confirm to log out.

Also, on the administration page for users, the failed login count is not accurate and the Reset Failed Login option is missing. 

Screenshot: Logging in to a standard OnDemand site

Screenshot: Logging in to an OnDemand site with Google Apps

JIRA OnDemand upgrade

JIRA OnDemand has been upgraded, as part of our ongoing commitment to regularly deliver new functionality to JIRA OnDemand. To check out what other JIRA features we've added in previous weeks, see this page: JIRA 5.2.

Webhooks for issues


Webhooks provide you with a lightweight mechanism for letting remote applications receive push notifications from JIRA. For example, you may want any changes for bugs in JIRA to be pushed to a test management system, so that they can be retested.

In this release, we've implemented webhooks for issues. Registering a webhook is as simple as entering the name of a webhook and the URL where the callback should be sent. Any time any issue changes in JIRA, a JSON notification will be sent to the URL. No polling required.

We've released webhooks for issues as a Labs feature, so you can start to experiment with it. We'll be moving it out of Labs in the near future.


More improvements to project user interfaces

You'll notice more improvements to the user interface for projects in this upgrade, including:

UI Feature Where did it use to be? Screenshot
Standard issue filters directly available on Browse Version > Issues page Filters dropdown on Browse Version > Summary tab
(now removed)
Standard issue filters directly available on Browse Component > Issues page Filters dropdown on Browse Component > Summary tab
(now removed)
People section in Project Summary and page renamed to Roles N/A
Project > Popular Issues page redesigned N/A
Project > Labels page redesigned N/A

GreenHopper upgrade

GreenHopper has been upgraded from 6.0 to 6.0.2. For details, please see GreenHopper OnDemand Release Summary.

3 September 2012

Confluence OnDemand upgrade

We have made some exciting new features available in Confluence OnDemand, as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver new functionality regulary.

Choose the new workbox option  in the top menu bar in Confluence, where you can access your notifications and personal tasks. Tap into Confluence on your iPhone to see the smart new mobile interface.

Workbox notifications

The new Confluence workbox collects your notifications from page watches, shares and mentions.  Use the inline actions to comment on, like or watch a page. More...

Do you want to mark a notification for later attention? Add it to your task list and come back to it later.


Personal tasks


As part of your workbox, you can now create and manage all your tasks in Confluence: personal tasks, tasks from notifications, and tasks assigned to you on Confluence pages. Plan your day's work, drag your tasks into order of priority, make notes, and mark your tasks as complete – all in one place. More...


Confluence mobile


We are delighted to introduce a new, super-responsive interface optimized for iOS 5. With Confluence mobile you can:


  • Browse popular content, recent blog posts and network activity.
  • Search Confluence for content and people.
  • Like pages, blog posts and comments.
  • Add comments to pages and blog posts.
  • View the profiles of your colleagues. Tap to call, SMS or email them directly from your mobile device.
  • Manage your personal tasks and notifications.



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