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Atlassian relies on a slightly different sales model in that we do not have a traditional sales force who would normally be available to complete security assessments, nor a legal team to approve of and/or sign off on individual questionnaires and security requirements.

Transparency is our Core Value!

As transparency is one of our core values, we've actually standardized on the following legal documents to make our security and hosted data policies publicly available, and applicable to all Cloud customers:  

Atlassian has worked to generate the above policies in a manner to govern all of our hosted products for all clients. We cannot enter into specific agreements - including completing individual security questionnaires on a per-customer basis. The benefit of this policy is that our purchasing process is simple and fair for all customers, and overhead costs (such as legal fees) are kept at a minimum. If you need custom questionnaires to be filled, you can contact one of our Solution Partners, who will provide you with hands-on services. 

Last modified on Jun 1, 2021

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