Duplicate JIRA Reports Page created when using the JIRA Report Template in Confluence

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When creating a new page in Confluence using the JIRA Report Template with either the Change Log or Status Report options, an additional JIRA Report page is created in the same space with a title of "JIRA Reports (2)"

Steps to Reproduce

In a space which contains a "JIRA Reports" page:

  • Create a new page using the JIRA Reports template with either the Change Log
  • Specify the Project or JQL Query this page will report on and input a Title
  • Save the page 
  • In the Space Tree, you will see your new page in addition to a "JIRA Reports (2)" page


On the initial creation of a JIRA Report, Confluence attempts to create your report and a summary-like page called "JIRA Reports" 

If another page in the space is called "JIRA Reports" (either due to being manually created or imported from another environment), Confluence will create a page called "JIRA Reports (2)" rather than replacing the initial page.

If only the Confluence created "JIRA Reports" page was present, no duplication will occur. 


  1. Move any Child Pages Nested under "JIRA Reports" to be placed under "JIRA Reports (2)"
  2. Delete the "JIRA Reports" page
  3. Rename "JIRA Reports (2)" to "JIRA Reports"
Last modified on Feb 19, 2016

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