Bamboo Clover Plugin Developer Guide


Downloads of the open source packages included in Bamboo are available here. This download includes modifications to the open source packages (if we made any). Source code to the remainder of Bamboo (e.g. the Atlassian-proprietary portions) may also be available to those who hold a valid license to Bamboo. Login to My Account to view your licenses and download the source code. For more details, check out the source code FAQ.

  • Install JDK1.8
  • Install Maven 3.2.5
  • Download Bamboo sources

Build and test

Source code:

  • Bamboo Clover Plugin is located in: <bamboo>/components/bamboo-plugins2/bamboo-plugin-clover
  • dependency to Clover Core is declared in <clover.version> property in bamboo-plugin-clover/pom.xml


To run unit tests:

mvn test


To run manual tests:

# run this at the Bamboo project top level to install all the <bamboo snapshot version> 
# artefacts locally); skipping tests and javadocs will make it faster
mvn install -DskipTests=true -Dmaven.javadoc.skip=true
# run this in components/bamboo-plugins2/bamboo-plugin-clover. The version is
# required to ensure the AMPS plugin runs against the snapshot version of
# Bamboo installed locally rather than the current blessed release)
mvn bamboo:run -Dproduct.version=<bamboo snapshot version>

in the console you'll find a port number on which Bamboo instance has started, e.g:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] Tomcat 8.x started on port [6990]
[INFO] bamboo started successfully in 58s at http://localhost:6990/bamboo
[INFO] Type Ctrl-D to shutdown gracefully
[INFO] Type Ctrl-C to exit


Last modified on Oct 24, 2016

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