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Confluence gives you the option of limiting the maximum size of a single file attachment. 

To configure the maximum size allowed for an attachment:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration.

  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Enter the maximum size next to Attachment Maximum Size'.
    The default is 100mb. 

  4. Choose Save.

To configure the maximum 'index-able size of attachments':

By default, large attachment is defined as greater than 1 MB. The threshold for attachments that won't get excerpts can be modified using the system property atlassian.indexing.contentbody.maxsize, which takes a size in bytes.

For example to specify 250 kb you would use the following JVM parameter:


Limiting the size of attachment indexing has the following effects:

  • Decreases the size of the index when large attachments are present.
  • Prevent excerpts of large attachments being displayed in search results.

Last modified on Mar 17, 2016

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