This feature is available with a Confluence Data Center license.

Use analytics data to understand how your site, spaces, and pages are performing, and how active your users are. You can also export reports to share with your team.

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Analytics data is useful for identifying:

  • most viewed content  
  • usage and activity trends across your site 
  • frequent contributors and viewers 
  • spaces with few views that could potentially be archived. 

If required, you can set who can view analytics on your site and spaces. 

How to access analytics

Analytics is only available with a Confluence Data Center license. 

Your administrator may have limited who can view analytics reports. See Administer analytics for more information. 

Access Analytics from the Confluence navigation

When you access analytics from the navigation, you get an overview of your site's usage and access to insights on spaces, users, and searches.

Go to Analytics in the Confluence header. 

See View insights on your site for more information. 

Access Analytics from a space

When you access analytics from a space, you get an overview of all the pages and attached files in that space. 

Go to Analytics in the space sidebar. 

See View insights on spaces for more information. 

Access Analytics from a page

When you access analytics from a page, you can get a quick summary of insights on your page, such as total page views. From there, you can view more detailed page analytics, such as which users have viewed the page, which versions of the page they viewed, and more.

At the top of any page, click  Analytics.  Click View analytics to see the detailed analytics about your page.

See View insights on pages for more information. 

Limit who can view analytics reports for specific spaces

You can further limit who can view analytics reports for specific spaces. You need Space Administrator permission to do this. 

To change who can see analytics reports in a space:

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Permissions from the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Select the Analytics Permissions tab. 
  3. Select Viewing Analytics Restricted from the drop down.
  4. Enter the users and/or groups you want to allow to view analytics reports. 
  5. Save your changes. 

Good to know:

  • If a Confluence administrator has denied a group permission to view analytics, adding the group at the space level will not grant this permission. 
  • The space will still appear in the site analytics report (if the user has permission to see the space, and use analytics globally), but they will be prevented from viewing the space analytics report if they don't have space permissions.

Analytics for Confluence marketplace app

If you previously installed the Good Software Analytics for Confluence marketplace app, you can continue to use the app until it reaches end of life, but your version may not contain the same features. 

Analytics for Confluence is now part of Confluence Data Center
To get access to the features described on this page upgrade to Confluence Data Center 7.11 or later.
See our FAQ for all the details

Last modified on Mar 22, 2022

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