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Q: How does Atlassian choose which JRE versions, application servers and databases to support?

For application servers and databases, we try to pick a good cross-section of open source options and popular commercial platforms. We then choose which JRE versions to support based on the recommended environments for these servers.

Q: What is a supported platform?

A supported platform is one that:

  • Confluence is regularly tested on during the development cycle
  • One that is available within Atlassian for support technicians and developers to reproduce problems
  • Bugs raised against it will be given a high priority

Supporting a platform means we know how to get Confluence running in that environment and can troubleshoot Confluence issues within it. It does not mean we have any particular expertise beyond that. As such, we may not be able to provide assistance with customizing or tuning that application server or database. (Atlassian support is not a substitute for a good database administrator.)

Q: Can I get assistance with running Confluence on a platform that is not supported?

If you are running Confluence on an unsupported platform, then we can not guarantee providing any support for it. Furthermore, we will recommend that you switch to a platform which is supported.

Q: If you write your application to standards like J2EE, JDBC and SQL, doesn't that mean it should run on any compliant server?

Confluence is a complicated application and we commonly encounter interesting edge-cases where different servers have interpreted the specifications differently. Then again, each server has its own different collection of bugs.

Q: How can I get Atlassian to support Confluence on a new platform?

Supporting a new platform involves a significant investment of time by Atlassian, both up-front costs to set up new testing environments and fix any issues we might encounter and the ongoing costs involved in maintaining the application against this new environment in the future. As such, supporting a new platform is not something we will do unless we know there is significant demand for it.

Please be aware that your interest alone will not be enough for us to add support for your application server or database. We would need to see a significant number of votes on the issue raised in our public Jira site or a significant level of interest in our forums, before considering supporting that platform.

Q: My organization has standardized on an operating environment that Confluence does not support. What can I do?

In this situation, you have the following two options:

  1. Run Confluence in the unsupported environment, with the caveats mentioned above.
  2. Make an exception to your standardized operating environment and set up Confluence based on its supported platforms.
Last modified on Aug 22, 2023

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