Comment box disappears: $soyTemplateRendererHelper.getRenderedTemplateHtml

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The comment box disappears from all Confluence pages and instead, it is replaced by the following code that is not parsed:


$soyTemplateRendererHelper.getRenderedTemplateHtml("com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.quickcomments:quick-comment-initial", "", $templateParameters)


"Confluence Soy Template Renderer for Velocity" module (soyTemplateRendererHelperContext) for "Confluence Soy Template Support" plugin is disabled


Enable "Confluence Soy Template Renderer for Velocity" module for "Confluence Soy Template Support" plugin and ensure that all modules for "Confluence Soy Template Support" plugin are enabled.


(info) If you are having trouble enabling the module, you may do the following:

  1. Shutdown Confluence
  2. Backup your database
  3. Run the following SQL query (this will set all plugin modules back to their default enabled/disabled state, so be sure to check that all plugins are functioning as expected, especially the HTML Macros if you have them enabled):

    UPDATE BANDANA SET BANDANAVALUE='<map/>' WHERE BANDANAKEY='plugin.manager.state.Map'
  4. Delete the following cache folders:
    1. <confluence_home>/plugins-osgi-cache
    2. <confluence_home>/bundled-plugins
    3. <confluence_home>/plugins-temp
    4. <confluence_home>/plugins-cache
    5. <confluence-home>/bundled-plugins_language

  5. Start Confluence. The cache folders will be recreated and the plugins will be rebuilt
  6. Check all your plugins are working as expected
Last modified on Apr 10, 2016

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