How to change the Forgot Password link in Confluence to redirect to an alternate page

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If Confluence is using Crowd or LDAP for user management, the Forgot Password link can be confusing since users can't change their password in Confluence. Follow this guide to modify the Forgot Password link to redirect to a different URL (e.g. Crowd password reset page).


To modify the login page to redirect to another location:

  1. Shut down your Confluence server.
  2. In the Confluence installation directory, find the file /confluence/login.vm. The path will look something like <confluence-install>/confluence/login.vm.
  3. Make a copy of this file as a backup.
  4. Edit the file with a text editor to make the required changes. The content contains a mixture of HTML and Velocity. See Velocity Template Overview (in our developer documentation).
  5. Locate the following line: 

    <a id="forgot-password" class="aui-button aui-style aui-button-link" href="${req.contextPath}/forgotuserpassword.action">$i18n.getText("forgot.password")</a>
  6. Replace the following snippet with the desired URL:

  7. Start Confluence and test your changes.

For additional details on customising the login page, see Customising the Login Page.

 Be careful to test your changes before applying them to a live site. The templates contain code that is vital for Confluence to function, and it is easy to accidentally make a change that prevents use of your site.

Last modified on Mar 8, 2017

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